Company \\  Meet The Team   

Convergent Design, Inc.
4525 Northpark Dr, 
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
TEL: ++ (720) 221-3861
FAX: ++ (720) 227-9296
Office Hours: 8:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M., Monday – Friday
Office Time Zone: Mountain Time (GMT – 7)

All work and no play makes CD a dull place. So please, enjoy our light-hearted, sick humor introduction.


The Big Kahoona

Mike Schell, President
The man with the master plan. Mike is mastermind behind Convergent Design (and holds the coin purse).


The Nerd

John Schell
Unless you are a master physicist, electrical engineer and computer scientist in one, you will never understand things John will say, or ever begin to know the workings of his mind. Bottom line -- thinking up cool things (as we do) is the easy part. John makes it all happen. Don't ask how. I've tried. I got nothin'

The Help

Dan Keaton, Sale and Marketing Director
Less the 'hired hand', more your 'right-hand man'. When you need support in the middle of the night he's got your back. Need help setting up a dealership? Yep, that's him, too! Dan has long been the face of Convergent Design, on the road, at a location near you. While you may be tempted to sit on his lap and spout a wish list a mile long, Christmas is actually the ONLY day he takes off. Seriously. Ever


The Boss

Bob Dupont, Manufacturing
Managing more employees in the office than any other, Bob is The Boss of manufacturing and shipping. Bob manages inventory, project planning, and still finds time to draw up some wicked CAD designs. When Bob says "jump", I suggest you say "how high?!" 

The Talent

Amber Cowles, Marketing & Communications Director
Ok, ok. That's just an office joke. Amber does that "look and feel," and the "no we can't say THAT!" kind of stuff. From advertising and PR to tradeshows, Amber brings the Convergent Design brand to you! She is charming, witty, and well...talented!  (That's the kind of stuff you get away with saying when you manage the website and it's content... sucka's!!!


The Bean Counter

Gena Lawson, Accounting
Behind every successful business, is a women (or man, we are equal opportunity) running the joint! Enter Gena. You ever been late making a payment? Ah, yes, then you've met! One of the original crew members, Gena has shed blood, sweat, and tears in her commitment to Convergent Design. You know that phrase "Show Me The Money"? She coined it. But that's a subject the attorneys have asked us not to discuss until litigation ceases.


The Know-It-All

Tina Johnson
With a hand in RMA's, shipping, and dealer relations, she's also the friendly voice on the line when you call our office. She is the Office Mother -- she see's all, hears all, and whips up some mean enchiladas

The Man

Andy Mangrum
If you've called for technical support you likely spoke to Andy. And when you got off the phone I'd venture to guess you muttered, "he's the MAN!" Andy has a hand in engineering, is hands-on with all camera equipment, and is all-hands-on-deck during testing. This makes Andy an unbelievable resource -- or as we like to call it, The Man.